The Quality of
Electricity on Yachts


Prevent Power Quality problems by means of simulation during construction.


Find Power Quality problems in the installation of an existing yacht.


HyTEPS provides innovative solutions for all Power Quality problems in the offshore industry.


Electrical Power Quality can’t be seen by the naked eye, but the best possible Power Quality on board yachts is vital to their operation. Power Quality affects the reliability and safety of the entire electrical installation on board. Bad Power Quality can be related to low efficiency, increasing costs and emissions. Bad Power Quality can also induce malfunctions in control equipment and failure of (LED) lights.

HyTEPS is the expert in Power Quality

HyTEPS has been a specialist in the field of offshore Power Quality for over 10 years. Our services go above and beyond. From identifying an issue (during construction or measurement), to providing the solution and maintaining this solution throughout its lifespan.

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METSTRADE Amsterdam 2021

HyTEPS was present at the METSTRADE 2021. It was great to see so many captains, yard owners and engineers again! The attention to Power Quality during operation and design is ever increasing in the Yachting industry. This year HyTEPS paid special attention to simulation services such as short circuit- and harmonic simulations.

“Prevent malfunctioning – Reduce service costs – Improve efficiency – Increase Reliability – Ensure Safety”

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