Arc Flash & Short Circuit Calculations
Webinars on 10 & 11 December


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Arc Flash & Short Circuit Calculations.

Normally we meet a lot of our existing relations and new contacts during the METSTRADE in the RAI. Unfortunately, such an event is not possible this year due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, we want to stay in touch in a somewhat personal way and share interesting information. For this we organize two webinars, in collaboration with Prof. J.F.G. Cobben. On Thursday 10 December at 11:00 am and on Friday 11 December at 14:00 pm. You are cordially invited to participate in our webinar. Below you will find the topics that will be discussed.

Information about the subjects

Weak networks
The basic problem of a weak supply network is the strong interaction between the often distorted current and the supply voltage. The device, responsible for the high distorted current is usually not affected by this distorted current. However, the cables and generators used in the installation should be designed to cope with this distortion. In many cases this results in degrading of the components in the installation. More problematic is the fact that, due to the high impedance of the supply network, the voltage will be distorted as well. This voltage distortion could affect many other components in the installation such as capacitor banks, motors, electronic devices etc.

Short Circuit Calculations
The safety of an electrical installation depends partially on its resistance to short circuit currents. In the event of a short circuit, an excessive current will result in overheating of electrical components and an electromagnetic force between the conductors. This, in turn, may lead to powerful explosions that could potentially destroy components and endanger people. For this reason, it is vital that electrical installations are resistant to occurring short circuit currents. Short circuit calculations provide insight into the short circuit resistance of an installation and components and the dangers for anyone working around or with the installation.

Arc flash calculations
During the course of any kind of work on a power grid there is a risk of short circuits and arc flash hazards occurring. Arc flashes are rare, but the consequences are disastrous. Mechanics, installers and bystanders are at great risk from the massive explosion triggered by an arc. Optimal arc flash protection is an absolute necessity. Predicting the behaviour of the arc flash will increase safety. It will provide insight into risks and how to manange these risks best. Knowing the electrical energy in every distribution board determines the right PPE for all situations.


Sjef Cobben

During the webinar, Prof. J.F.G (Sjef Cobben) will talk about weak networks and the important added value of short circuit & arc flash calculations.

Christan van Dorst

Christan is Manager Technical Engineering at HyTEPS. During the webinar he will tell more about short circuit calculations on yachts.

Vera Verbakel

Vera is Sales & Relation manager at HyTEPS. During the webinar Vera will talk extensively about arc flash calculations in the field of yachts.

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