About HyTEPS

“HyTEPS’ team is made up of highly qualified and enthusiastic employees. We help yacht builders, owners and electrical installers optimize the energy efficiency, reliability and safety of their electrical installation on board yachts, through our knowledge, services and technologically innovative products. As a result numerous problems and malfunctioning risks have been resolved or prevented, which additionally resulted in cost savings and improved efficiency, reliability and safety. Improved energy efficiency is an important factor which contributes to corporate social responsibility.”

Jorlan Peeters
Managing director

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

Knowledge is power

The basis of our knowledge is formed by the individual education and training of our employees. Years of experience within electrical installations in both the onshore and offshore industries has given us a deeper knowledge and understanding.

We inform crews on how the installed equipment works. We teach electrical engineers about the design implications of Power Quality during lectures, online courses and trainings. Creating awareness of the risks of Power Quality at all our customers, on all organizational levels. Electricity is our passion, optimization the art form that we completely control.

Efficiency is our goal

Efficiency is our goal and this applies not only to the efficiency within our own company. We strive to raise the energy efficiency of the electrical systems at all our relations. An optimal electrical energy efficiency reduces energy losses, associated costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Quality is a requirement

Quality is key in our organization. All HyTEPS services and products delivered are of the utmost quality, but besides this we actually supply quality. We are specialist in the field of Power Quality, also known as the quality of electricity.

Electricity is not visible. As a result you cannot directly see the quality of electricity. Nowadays it often occurs that the quality of electricity is inferior. Consequences of a bad electrical quality are: unnecessary energy losses, malfunction and failure of equipment and heating of cables sometimes even causing fire. We provide insight into the quality of electricity by performing a Power Quality Survey. In addition, we also offer simulations. Based on the data collected during this study we will give optimization advices and, if desired, we provide the products in order to achieve the optimization. To ensure the quality and proper functioning of the equipment for the future, we offer services in the areas of monitoring, inspection and maintenance.

Every stakeholder is important

Everything that we do is dedicated to achieve the best and desired results for our relations. We also try to create awareness, to inform you about unknown risks or undiscovered solutions. As an expert in our field of expertise – electricity – we like to think along with you about how you can realize your desires, troubleshoot or reduce risks. Electricity is our passion, optimization the art form that we completely control.

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