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Guidelines and classifications in the offshore industry are strict as a result of the vast risks posed by accidents. Insurance companies trust classification societies such as DNV GL, Lloyds register, ABS and many others to instate and inspect vessels. Presently, attention is increasingly being paid to electrical installations onboard vessels, also as a result of accidents caused by bad Power Quality.

Harmonics on yachts

Over the past five years, many classification societies have set limits on the amount of Harmonics permitted on board of yachts. Harmonics cause excessive load on generators, introduce additional cable losses, and can lead to resonance. This is also a possible fire hazard. Some guidelines also specify the levels to be recorded for the periodic survey. This requires adequate monitoring equipment.

Simulations: Prevention of problems

With the growing amount of (complex) electrical configurations, these classification societies are increasingly interested in proper electrical design, in which Power Quality has been a main design consideration. Simulations during construction of a yacht can prevent problems and minimize risks.
Since 2019, ABS requires a Load Flow analysis of yachts for classification in several modi operandi. HyTEPS can perform (dynamic) harmonic Load Flow simulations among other simulations to independently validate your design and to prevent potential future problems. Short circuit calculations are often also required by the classification societies. Simulations are a cost effective way to realize both at the same time.

HyTEPS is your specialist in Power Quality

With over 12 years of experience in the offshore industry, HyTEPS is well established and has knowledge of all major classification societies’ most recent guidelines. We advise shipbuilders during the design of a vessel with the aid of experience and simulations and provide proof of the actual Power Quality onboard for captains and classification societies. Furthermore, we commission and service Power Quality equipment such as filters, and train crew to operate this equipment for fleet owners and shipping companies. Our engineers are available worldwide to solve Power Quality problems on existing vessels or validate the fact that a ship meets the demands of a classification society.

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