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HyTEPS is your partner in Power Quality consultancy and troubleshooting

We solve issues with cost effective solutions. We are specialists in Power Quality, onshore as well as offshore. This ensures we have extensive knowledge of electrical installations in all circumstances. Every installation has its own characteristics and challenges.

Our services


Simulating prevents problems, thus saving time, money and hassle. Simulations offer assurance of correct design.


Measuring is the quickest way to objectively find the source of problems. HyTEPS takes care of a measurement and data analysis, providing you with solutions.


At HyTEPS we take social responsibility by educating engineers on all aspects of Power Quality that may occur in a modern installation.

Total package

HyTEPS provides tailored solutions to your Power Quality problems. From the first phone call till the solutions end of life. HyTEPS will go above and beyond to solve Power Quality issues. We guide you at every step to ensure an optimized electrical installation.

  1. Assessment of requirements and problems.
  2. Investigation of Power Quality by means of simulation or direct measurements.
  3. Analysis of data on all Power Quality aspects such as harmonics, voltage fluctuations, imbalance, reactive power, and other phenomena.
  4. Providing you with extensive conclusions based on measurement or simulation results.
  5. Providing you with innovative, high quality hardware solutions for all Power Quality problems.
  6. Supervising device installation and subsequent commissioning by us with corresponding reporting.
  7. Inspections and maintenaince throughout the lifetime of the device to ensure optimal performance.

Electricity is our passion, optimization the art form we completely control.

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