Power Quality

Simulations during the design phase of a yacht prevent problems and decreases total ownership costs. HyTEPS has been an expert in Power Quality for over 10 years. Our knowledge and experience provides the basis for accurate, in-depth simulations.

Advantages of simulations

  • Limits risks during the entire lifespan of the vessel
  • Cost effective validation
  • Increased insight into the behaviour of the installation under all circumstances

Simulations and guidelines

Certain classification societies require simulations during construction. Load Flow simulations and short circuit calculations in particular are often required for approval.

Hybrid vessels, the future of yachting

A considerable part of the total power aboard a yacht is used by the electrical loads. Integrating the propulsion into the onboard grid is becoming more popular, which is also opening up possibilities, such as energy storage and feeding in from renewable sources such as solar panels. Simulations provide insight into possible gains of these new technologies, but also into problems that might arise. Solar panel inverters are notorious for their harmonics. Simulations will predict these issues.


HyTEPS is able to simulate three-phase, single-phase and DC bus installations, providing insight in Power Quality before the first cable is laid. Simulations can predict flicker, harmonics and the effects of inrush currents such as voltage dips.

Simulations can also be carried out to predict behavior in changing conditions, such as during startup, or shore power connect. All simulations and calculations are performed to different nations’ required standards, as well as those of classification societies such as DNV GL and ABS.

all possible simulations provided by HyTEPS
HyTEPS Load Flow simulations

Optimize the installation for expected loads and generators. Identify overloaded electrical equipment, such as cables and transformers.

HyTEPS Harmonic Simulations

Gain insight in harmonic voltage levels and prevent issues at sea caused by electronics.

HyTEPS Short circuit calculations

Guarantee that the installation is capable of safely sustaining the maximum level of current that may flow.

HyTEPS Arc flash calculations

Prevent lethal injuries and catastrophic damage to the vessel caused by to arc flash.

HyTEPS Resonance calculations

Avoid high voltages resulting from resonance in the weak network.

HyTEPS Load Flow simulations

Validate the correct tripping order of circuit breakers, but also provide insight in what will be interrupted during a complex event.

HyTEPS can provide you with a variety of simulations

HyTEPS has been an expert in Power Quality for over 10 years. Our knowledge and our tools ensure that we not only solve problems, but also make predictions about your installation. We do this by means of simulations. We conduct a thorough analysis of the situation, after which we provide you with insight and advise on possible improvements.

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