Are you aware of the quality of your electrical installation and the risks and costs involved?

The term ‘Power Quality’ is increasingly appearing in the yachting industry, with a focus on the importance of a good Power Quality. Over the past 10 years, the major classification societies have all introduced guidelines around Power Quality. These bodies intend to increase the reach of guidelines to further improve safety and reliability. This means you need to gain a better understanding of your electrical installation. We want to share our knowledge, experience and case studies related to this topic during our trainings.


Study at your own pace. HyTEPS has developed an E-learning environment for Power Quality Courses. A dedicated chapter has been created on frequently observed phenomena on yachts. This teaches you how to recognize and explain Power Quality problems on your Yacht. The chapter also serves as an introduction to our Power Quality course, which, in turn, provides a basis for more in-depth courses on specific phenomena such as flicker and harmonics.

The course ‘Power Quality Training for Yachts’ covers the following subjects

  • Power Quality concepts
  • Concept of network strength
  • Basics in harmonics
  • Basics in flicker
  • Basics in unbalance
  • Guidelines on Power Quality as defined by Lloyds, ABS and DNV GL
  • Many other aspects
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HyTEPS organizes different levels of Power Quality training each year. From introductory trainings all the way to advanced trainings on Power Quality guidelines such as the DNV GL, Lloyds and ABS. Practical design and design cycling with Power Quality in mind will also be discussed. These trainings are suitable for installers, consultants and other staff members with some knowledge of electrical engineering or electrical installations.
For a minimum of 10 participants, we can put together a customer-specific training. We can use your own company location, a different location of your choice, or the Eindhoven University of Technology (subject to availability). For more information about the possibilities and costs, please contact us.

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Would Power Quality training add value to your organization? HyTEPS has years of experience and knowledge in the field of Power Quality and we like to share this with your organization. Curious about the trainings we offer? Feel free to contact us!

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